Jessica Hosman

Posted by tb4

Massachusetts based photographer and artist Jessica Hosman sent me her work a bit ago, I seriously need to go through my email more often. She has been working on a very interesting project lately, she shoots an entire roll of film of a specific subject, then rewinds it back into the canister and begins shooting the roll again, this time with a different subject matter. So, for example, Jessica might go outside and shoot a roll of nature shots, then rewind the canister, put it back in the camera, and shoot a roll of studio self-portraits on top of it. This creates multiple-exposure images inside the camera, which may or may not line up with each other, depending on how the film loads the second time around. Sometimes days, weeks, or months go by between shooting each layer of images. All of these factors create images that appear completely random, but in fact, have a lot to do with process, organization, and the choices made after the film is developed. Check out the rest of her work at her portfolio linked below.