FM 100 Hue Test

Posted by tb4

There is a great little test over at xrite.com, you test your color knowledge by setting each row up in hue order from one side to the other. It is a fun little test of how good you are at discerning colors, I got a 4 when I took it, the lower the number the better 0 being the best. Have fun and if you do try it out post your scores down in the comments.



DEON said...

I got 7! it's good, isn't it?! (,")

Marc-André said...

I got 0!!!

tb4 said...

Nice, I got screwed up on the 4th line I think my vision got all blurry from looking at to many colors.

Slartraub said...

I rocked a 31..hmmm It's harder than it seems!

Anonymous said...

I got 0!!!

Thanks I was having a not to good day, and this has made my day!


Anonymous said...

30 .. it was fun!

nandaep said...

i got 0!!
oh my god i'm so proud!!! [over nothing] lol
i think i'll post it on my blog including snapshots
hihi thanks you just my day

Anonymous said...

Got myself a 4!
It may not be a zero, but I'm still pretty proud. :)

Storyboardgames said...

160... i guess im not very good with colors xD