Retro Sign Inspiration

Posted by tb4

I was playing around on flickr for a little bit today checking out some pictures and I came across this awesome retro Pepsi sign. So I thought I would do a little checking around and I found a lot of really nice examples of retro signs. I love the old school signs that are still in working order, I know they are big, bold, and a bit godey but they bring and element of fun to advertising that newer signs just don't have. Plus with all the neon lights that they usually employ you can see them from a mile away, which is always good for business. It will definitly be a very sad day when all of these signs are finally retired for newer more updated signs, but I guess you can always go to Las Vegas and take in all the neon you could ever want.


tgherman said...

Started a website about Sign Designs.

A collection of user submitted billboards, street signs, storefront signs, and anything related to the world of signs and display advertising.