Pick Chair

Posted by tb4

Great design and a spectacular idea, but at over $1600 a piece they are pretty much price prohibitive to anyone but the really rich. Check out all the chairs over at Studio Dror.

Studio Dror is an extension of Dror Benshetrit's work. Being a multidisciplinary design company, founded in 2002, Studio Dror specializes in product design, architecture and art direction. Dror's client list includes Levi's, Bombay Sapphire and Swarovski, among others.

With several years of combined art and design education from the Design Academy (Eindhoven, Holland) and the Center for Art Education at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Israel), Dror developed a unique style of design that is evident in each project Dror adopts. To become familiar with Dror’s work is to understand the logic and thought process behind his style. He thrives on the origin of movement, while focusing on innovation with new uses of materials, technology and shapes. Dror’s creations reflect a certain way of living and well-being and offer design inspiration.



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