Posted by tb4

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, my day was far to busy and not with stuff I like to do. My little buddy Oscar, pictured below, had fleas. So that absolutely sucked I had to give him a flea bath and then we had to flea bomb the entire house to make sure they don't come back, hopefully that worked. The only issue now is that he spent so much time chewing on his back foot he can barely put any weight on it, it must be a bit tender, he just hops along on three legs, it is so sad. He goes to the vet tomorrow so hopefully she will be able to help him out.

On a better not I did get to go see Counting Crows last night, they were awesome. They closed with "hanging around" and "rain king" with the help of the opening band Augustana. I was pleasantly surprised with the opener Augustana, those guys sure can sing, and when they helped close the show it was a very nice surprise, it was one of the better renditions of "hanging around" I have ever heard.