Eli Horn

Posted by tb4

Excellent brand identity work from designer Eli Horn. I especially enjoy the package design for the cigars at the top. It is such a clean simple look with a bit of a twist, with the text wrapping around the side of the box instead of just being centered.

21 year old Eli Horn is a recent graduate of the IDEA program, he is currently living and working in Vancouver, Canada. Eli lives as an artist and works as a designer. His interests in the field range from print and interactive pieces to furniture and environmental design. In practice, Eli begins with concept as the cornerstone to any piece of his work. everything else grows from this point and all aspects of the piece are decided by that initial idea.

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Jason Dean said...

Beautiful. I love the 2-sided letterhead.

www.tarragona-3d.com said...

What namely you are writing is a horrible mistake.