Project Runway Is Back

Posted by tb4

Project Runway is back, I love this show. I doesn't look like we have anyone this year quite as "FIERCE" as Christian from Project Runway Season 4. Although there is a guy named Suede, yeah just suede, and Blayne looks like an overly tan drug addict, he is far to skinny.

The runway challenge this week was to go to a supermarket and spend $75 to get the materials for their look. Most of the contestants choose to use tablecloths for their looks, but a few went with some rather crazy materials, plastic cups anyone.

The top 3 were:
Daniel: Crazy man who ironed plastic cups into a dress, definitely the most difficult of all the best dresses.
Korto: She actually made the table cloth look like a dress, unlike everyone else. Although the lettuce and tomato neckline, is what I think got her into the top 3 this week.
Kelli: The Winner, and they definitly got it right on this one, she made an awesome graphic pattern on the skirt from bleach and dye. The top I wasn't really a fan of but it seemed to work pretty well with the rest of the look.

The bottom 3 were:
Blayne: "girlicious" It looked like "she was wearing an old diaper between her legs", I'll leave it at that.
Stella: It looked like she made a dress out of garbage bags, it didn't even look finished.
Jerry: "Looks like a handi-wipe gone wrong", pretty much sums it all up.

I think they had the right people up there for the worst looks, but I don't think they got it right with who they kicked off. I would have like to see Stella go home, I thought her dress was pretty terrible, Jerry's was bad to but at least it was a bit more interesting.

What did you all think of the show, did they get it right with who they kicked off. So check back next week for another run down of the latest Project Runway show.