Amnesty International

Posted by tb4

"After the Olympic Games, the fight for human rights must go on."

Extremely powerful and moving ads from the advertising agency TBWA out of Paris, France and art director Philippe Taroux. The art direction and photography are wonderful and truly bring you into the advertisement. I believe the first ad is by far the strongest, the look on the face of the model is just perfect for this piece. To me the second one, the weight lifting piece, leaves a little to be desired. Compared to the other two it just doesn't seem hard hitting enough for this set of ads. The third one, the archery piece, is extremely good the art work and the look of the piece is just off the charts. But the smiling guard is just a bit strange, I don't know why but it just throws it all off for me. I know why they had him smiling, it does make sense, I just think it would have been better had he had a bit more deliberate look on his face like in the swimming pool piece. All in all great job and a few more fantastic pieces from TBWA, Paris. What do you all think which one is the best in your opinion.


Andras Csibi said...

The indifferent expression on the swimming pool cop's face makes that picture the best, I think.