Pilo Pilo Ring

Posted by tb4

The Pilo-Pilo ring is just to cute, I definitely know a few people who would love to have this. Designed by Canadian based Downstairs Studio, established back in 2006. They say "a sense of humor will be found within our products" I would definitely agree with that statement, when talking about the Pilo-Pilo ring.

Pilo-Pilo ring is a finger ring with a mini cushion attached to it, and is designed to be both stylish and useful. Since a lot of people have the tendency of resting their cheek on their fist when they are thinking, daydreaming or even falling asleep. A fashionable yet portable cushion might just provide the companionship that you've long sought for in those long, boring hours in school, at work, or when you have been stood up in a restaurant.