Mitsuru Koga

Posted by tb4

I am totally infatuated with Japanese artist Mitsuru Koga's sea stone work. Mitsuru graduated from the Tama Art University back in 2003, and this talented artist did not have to wait long for her first solo show, which she had in 2004. She finds the all the stones for her work while walking along the beach, where she chooses only the most beautiful stones for each of her pieces. Her tiny vases barely break and inch in height on a good day, but are perfect for the tiny plants and flowers that they are meant to hold. It would be fun to have an entire shelf of these tiny vases, but I'm sure my cats would steal them and hide them all from me. Misuru Koga has quite a bit of work at her site, linked below, I would highly recommend the others link and then check out the drift wood section it is a lot of fun. One more picture below of some of the tiniest stools ever, I'm not really sure who could use these stools but I would love to meet them.