Keimling vegetarian restaurant

Posted by tb4

I am putting this ad up not because it is great, wonderful, or clever, but because it is just a weird weird ad. First off the particulars of the ad it is for Keimling vegetarian restaurant and done by the advertising agency Jung von Matt/Donau out of Vienna, Austria. What I don't get about this ad is are they trying to make this look like a collage a 2 year old would put together. Because if that is what they are doing they have accomplished it wonderfully, wonderfully as in I would hope you would never let a 2 year old put an ad for a company together. My real question is, is what is going on with the guys face. It looks like they cut his face apart in photoshop and tried to put it back together, with horribly bad results. If anyone can explain this ad to me please do because I just don't understand why it was made this way.


cawlin said...

This is confusing, confusing and terrifying.

Darling said...

Do boars eat foxes? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Wait, boars would trample the foxes. Ugh. Biologically and visually horrible.

Gabriel said...

I think the ad is very clever. It's basically a representation of "you are what you eat" by expanding it down the food chain (even if it doesn't really make sense). The hand-cut and assembled look just add to the jarring image of eating animals.