The Big Ikea Trip

Posted by tb4

So yet another no post weekend, but this time I actually did have a good excuse, I wasn't just being lazy. We went to Ikea on Saturday, that place is a freaking zoo. There were so many people in there, and the parking lot looked like an amusement park, that has to be the biggest store I have ever seen. It was awesome though, we got some very cool stuff, I'll try to post picture of everything we got whenever I get finished putting it together.

That brings me to Sunday which was the day of bolts and screws. We started cleaning up and putting the new Ikea furniture together around noon or so, and I got to bed about 1 a.m., and I'm still not completely finished with everything. When you are there you wonder how can this be so cheap, then you get home and unpack your 8 boxes of pieces. When you finally get finished 6 hours later putting one piece together, you realize that is why it is so cheap all the effort is on you to put everything together and in its place.

So I have one more night of following directions and lifting heavy objects and I'll be finished, I'm excited about being done, and it all does look great. I'll get some photos up of all my hard work in the next day or two. Just remember that the tips of your fingers can get very very sore after screwing in tiny little screws all day.