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The two pieces are from the wonderful tropical garden collection from Batucada designs. This collection realized by Otalia Noël has a sense of coolness and sensuality. The light and air curves of each bracelet brings a new aesthetic to Batucada.

Batucada designs, develops and manufactures jewelry, fashion accessories and decorative items. Our collections feature design-conscious modern materials that are also a true pleasure to wear and use.

Due to its Eco Plastic material and high-quality designs, Batucada is sold in Europe, Asia and America in concept, design and fashion stores. Our synthetic rubber is tough, flexible, and seawater resistant. It actually adapts to the contours of your body, remembering your shape for a perfect fit, like a second skin. It’s ultra-lightweight and even floats!

Depending on your mood, Batucada jewels can be causal or dressy, functional or fashionable. They are equally appropriate for the beach, gym, work, and evenings out. Batucada is a whole new generation of jewelry with a tattoo like appearance, transformable as necklaces can morph into bracelets or vice versa, and available in a dazzling array of shapes and colours.