Yogurt Spoon

Posted by tb4

Love this design from Nojae Park, whenever I have my a snack pack I can never get all of the pudding out, it is such a shame. This would solve my problem completely and I could get every last bit of the pudding out.

Finally a spoon that will satisfy those of us that can never get enough. No more embarrassing caught in the act moments of sticking your tongue in your pudding or yogurt container to get that last remaining bit of delight cowering at the bottom of the inconveniently shaped containers. This new “Yogurt Spoon” is the ultimate tool for savoring those last moments. I once witnessed a man scrapping his yogurt bottom with a pencil… I nearly cried at the realization that if no one was around, I might done the exact same thing.

via yanko


JusMe said...

oh cool... lol that's really clever