RockFace D'Arm

Posted by tb4

A few pics of Armsrock preparing his installation that will be on display for the 2-man show with D*Face entitled, "RockFace D'Arm". Their show opens this Thursday, May 8th from 7-9:30pm at the Fifty24SF Gallery in San Francisco.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Armsrock currently lives and works in Bremen, Germany. Living in a smaller city provides him with a solid platform from which to operate with focus. His main source of inspiration for his work is from the streets. It's there that he retrieves the moments that he interprets into his drawings that deal with urban stories, the nature of life, and interaction between humans. Armsrock has shown extensively in Germany and Denmark and nationally with shows in New York. His work has been published by Wooster Collective in the 2007 book release, "All My Friends Are Made of Paper", that featured an introduction by Swoon.

Also here is a short video for the show.