Pig Pen

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I've always loved the Pig Pen character, a dirty dirty little boy who doesn't care if he is dirty, and obviously neither do his parents. Now that I think about it wouldn't Child Protective Services have been called on Pig Pens parents for him always being extremely dirty.

Sideshow Collectibles will be distributing Medicom Toys' Peanuts line of Vinyl Collectible Dolls. The Pig Pen VCD stands in around 8" in height and features everyone's favorite dirty little kid dressed up in his overalls. Look for the piece to ship in the 3rd quarter of 2008.

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José said...


And will it come with his diaper, or will it be sold as an option ? :-)
Pig Pen is dirty but happy :-)

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P.S. I can't remember how he was called here in Portugal. I don't even remember listening the other characters mentioning his name...