Michael David Adams

Posted by tb4

Some really cool fashion and beauty photography from New York based photographer Michael David Adams.

n the short time that Michael David Adams has been based in New York City, his work is quickly attracting attention in the industry worldwide. He has been requested to photograph both beauty and fashion for publication houses like Conde Nast as well as other respected magazines, such as CITY Magazine, HIGHLIGHTS Hair Magazine, Essence, and more.

Michael is a natural born artist. He began painting at a young age and as he and his art grew he realized that photography was the medium in which he would share his vision with the world. Through his photography, he creates images that transcend the sum of their elements, and make a lasting impression on all who view them.

With Michael's natural eye for composition, artistic ability to elicit emotions, and command of light, his work has been described as "aggressive, yet sensual and vulnerable" and "captivating." His ability to understand clients needs and convey them in a way that exceeds expectation is ensuring his reputation as a photographer in demand.


fabian cararo c. said...

hola desde chile te escribo por que de casualidad me tope con tu blog , me gustaron mucho las fotos estare visitandote para ver tus novedades .