Manuel Dall'Olio

Posted by tb4

Italy based designer Manuel Dall'Olio is a man of many many many talents, package design, poster design, corporate identity, trademarks, web design, editorial work, artist, art director and I'm sure quite a bit more that I have missed.

In general I love his work it is clean and well put together. I am an especially big fan of his package design, in particular the package design for the hair care line Hair Defense. I never really thought I would look at a bottle of shampoo and say wow that is a beautiful bottle, but I did when I first saw these, very nice. Manuel has a ton of work you can check it out from all the links below have fun, and make sure you have some time it take a bit to get through it all.

his portfolio: www.manueldallolio.it
his behance portfolio: www.behance.net/manmatova
his network: www.trelink.it

Itallian artist