Liquid Raindrops

Posted by tb4

Why does everything I want have to cost so much. The Liquid Raindrop Small Cluster from Benjamin Hopf & Constantin Wortmann is a lovely little lamp. Like falling raindrops from the sky, a captivating display of light. Choose either the 3 pendant cluster or the 5 pendant cluster.
These are the smallest Liquid Raindrop lamps available, each measures only 3.94" in diameter. Includes ceiling mounting plate.

These lamps offer a warm and diffused light for any space, while aesthetically combining light and water. This award-winning series of lamps visually enhances every type of architecture. The lamp creates a modern and warm environment perfect for either small and large residential or commercial projects.

By using colored light bulbs one can create different colorful light effects. Use the Liquid Raindrop ceiling, pendant, sconce, and floor lamps together and you can create a whole matching landscape.

Get it over at nova68.
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