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Wonderful illustration and design by New York based artist Zach Johnson. Most of his work is a bit dark in nature, but he does have a few pieces that aren't so dark and have turned out really nice. A bit about the artist below and a link to his portfolio at the bottom, take a few minutes and check out his work it is very good.

Zachariah Johnsen, is a young artist concentrating in watercolor, pen & ink, and mixed media works on paper. His medium of choice is the micron pen and he uses them exhaustively to describe a world of ghouls, monsters, and misfits – the shady characters in everyday life, but just hidden from normal view. Zach focuses on the more ignored side of life – on the sides of people and places that visitors rarely see. In Zach’s world, most of the people have obvious human/animal hybrids that can’t be hidden. The corrupt politican is a hideous beast wielding an ax and smoking a cigar. The hollywood actress is a washed-up, half rat w/ open sores surrounded by a mob of rabid birds. The family portrait is a gaggle of jellydrop characters and mutated fish creatures.

Zach has lent this fantastic world and his unique style of frenetic pen lines and loose, splashy water-based media to a number of surfaces and media across the industries. He has created original works for print and publications, skateboards, skis, furniture, sneakers, snowboards, clothing and apparel.

Having gained recognition across the United States, Australia, and Europe, Zach is now concentrating on expanding his visual range – into paintings on canvas and installation works to video and motion graphics. With a number of exhibitions and published works under his belt, Zach has become recognized as an artist whose future is much brighter than the often dark content of his work

zach johnson


Sydney said...

It's strange to think that dark equates with Bad in your description of artwork in general.

tb4 said...

I don't believe I ever said any of his work was bad. I was just commenting on the fact that most of his work was dark in nature, which I do like, and that I had found a few pieces that weren't quite so dark in nature, and that they had turned out pretty nice.

Anonymous said...

He's a Portland OR based Artist...not NYC.

www.barcelona-3d.com said...

Wow, there is a lot of useful data above!

Anonymous said...

where can i buy this one?