Rick Ivey

Posted by tb4

Pretty cool steel bean bag chair from designer Rick Ivery, I'm not really sure how comfortable this would be, but it sure would be a great conversation piece. A little bit about Rick Ivery below and a link to the $4500 steel bean bag chair below that, yeah thats right $4500.

After graduating from Advertising at Sheridan College in 1998, Rick Ivey returned to study Furniture Design in Sheridan’s school of Crafts and Design in 2002. He believes that in creating an object, whether for a purely sculptural or functional purpose, the most important thing is the relationship between the piece and the viewer. He strives to push both the limits of his chosen materials and his ability to manipulate them, in an attempt to better understand form and function in design. This activity allows him to challenge conventional forms and traditional approaches to furniture.

Rick was a finalist at the 2005 Niche Awards in Philadelphia, and continues his work in Oakville, Ontario. His future work will continue to explore new materials and forms, as well as re-examine the conventional ideas of everyday objects. He hopes to challenge preconceived ideas of what furniture is, and what it can be.

steel bean bag