Kevin Webster

Posted by tb4

Kevin Webster is a recently graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, SCAD. He has been working a very ambitious motion graphic installation for over a year. Kevin’s project, metacosm, is a mix of generative art and motion graphics. Here is what Kevin has to say about his absolutely fantastic work:

"We often take for granted the amazing and wonderful forces of this world, forces that are at work all around us. The graceful journey of a bird’s flight is one of the most amazing natural phenomena. The metacosm project explores the beauty of that graceful journey using color and shape to produce a detailed record of flight.

The metacosm project is a system that simulates the flight of a bird. Nearly every aspect of the simulation is randomly chosen from a limited pool of options. The flight from this simulation is then recorded and represented as color and shape.

Because of this, the moving images that it produces contain an unlimited amount of variability.

The project is designed to be installed in a gallery environment. Once the system has created a video, it sends it to be viewed and then goes back to work on a new video. Every couple hours after simulation, rendering and compositing, a new video is presented and the old one is cataloged. This creates a truly dynamic video installation."

The end product is a large-scale video installation. You can get a feel for it by watching the proof of concept videos on the metacosm project homepage (click the boxes at the top of the page), but to really understand it, you’ll need to see it in person. The premier exhibition will be at the Inspire 08 conference at SCAD on April 18th, during the (mt) Media Temple After Party.

via motionographer