Flore de Crombrugghe

Posted by tb4

Flore de Crombrugghe is responsible for this design, the transparent bath. Flore has added measurements on a transparent bath, allowing you to see how many bottles of drinkable water you are actually wasting. A simple solution to make people think about how much water they use everyday.

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Anonymous said...

How depressing. Wish he'd made some sort of modification, so the bather would need less water to wash up.

Tony said...

I agree - a product that is vindictive and critical of its user, and it offers no alternative to the waste it creates. This is what's wrong with so much "green" design today - much of it is criticism in the form of products, while only the very best actually come up with something sustainable. Designers need to realize that smugness does no more for the earth than apathy.

Tony said...

Looking at this again, I also wanted to add that it depresses me how people can actually make a decent living (probably much better than mine) by passing furniture like this off as original. Real designers are likely hard at work creating eco-friendly showers and technology, while this guy gets blog buzz doing this. A shame that the green movement is coming to this - and people wonder why most of the world doesn't pay attention to environmentalist causes. The post says it all - he added measurements to a transparent bath. No more. I might be wrong, but I thought creativity and design went hand in hand.

muebles valladolid said...

This can't have effect in reality, that's what I think.