Wine, Or Is It?

Posted by tb4

Is is sac religious to put a label on a bottle of red wine that says "Christ Blood." Or is it just trouble?



Anonymous said...

The Church has not only used the name of a cool mellow dude with words of wisdom and twisted his words...and placed his name in front of its giant cult business..."Christ---ianity".

These wine makers are merely using a play of words.

the whole idea of Christ's body as bread was probably concocted by a baker...and his blood as wine was probably ingeniously invented by a wine maker.

The guy we call Jesus Christ was most definitely not that light brown haired, blue eyed fantasy. That guy was rebelling against the religious establishment (the Romans and the Jewish establishment).
he was a symbol of the unfettered soul, which you cannot teach, but you can learn.

Let's drink to that.

Anonymous said...

Oh..This is not an attack on you, just reflecting out loud and sharing mate...awesome blog by the way!

JusMe said...
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JusMe said...

that's not cool... Jesus Himself called his body and blood bread and wine, not crafty salesman. i realise you didn't mean to sound insulting, but it certainly comes across that way.

Ruy said...

In Mexico (a very religious and catholic country) there is a wine called "Sangre de Cristo" (blood of Christ)and nobody complains.
Who cares about the name, as long as the wine (and the sleeve) is good.