TBWA Mexico

Posted by tb4

"Stop Global Warming Before It's Too Late"

Nice ad from TBWA Mexico for pro natura. Really nice ad and definitely effective, I think the bear version is much more effective than the jaguar. Just because when I think of global warming I think of the polar ice caps melting.


Anonymous said...

Nice concept and great art direction. Congratulations TBWA.

Anonymous said...

Inspired by "ice penguin" sculptures"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1DhylYVbZU

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean "inspired"?

Anonymous said...

Ice penguins is from an urban and plastic artist and it was not a ad. I think it has nothing to do with this prints.

yourmomma said...

this is actually really smart, and i like how you guys have made the sculptures, and described them;

this are actually really great pictures, and i think next time i have a political cartoon, i will use this bitch;

thanks and byeee