No-Smoking Day

Posted by tb4

"Would You Drink It"

I really like this ad from the advertising agency Intermarkets out of Dubai, UAE and creative director Ian Rowland Gerry. This ad definitely gets its point across to the viewer.


Jason G said...

I really like this ad.
I wish smokers wouldn't be so naive.

PissedAndPetty said...

Speaking of being naive, previous commenter:

The logic in this ad is so faulty that I wouldn't know where to begin.

Jen said...

How is it faulty?

I think the concept behind the ad is, "why do smokers choose to smoke while knowing the consequences" and "why would a person choose do something when he/she has been warned."

Andy Campsey said...

I don't think the logic's faulty. Ok, so it's an advert for the UAE so you're maybe saying that it would be pointless telling someone who lives in a super-heated desert not to drink water, but I live here and I think the logic's perfect for the sensibilities of the region.
Please back up your statement with SOMETHING or you'll just come across as a blustering ham - which I'm sure you're not.
Julio Iglesias would know where to begin...