Maarten Baas

Posted by tb4

Fun prototype from Maarteen Baas, I guess you could always take a little of your aggression out on this guy after a hard days work. It is a hand-carved knife-block shaped like a man's head, the knives sticking out of it in gruesome humor.

via idr


Anonymous said...

thats nice... but not new

tb4 said...

Not to get all technical on your comment or anything but I never said it was new, I just said it was a prototype.

Anonymous said...

Where can i get one?

Anonymous said...

An old prototype? Now that's new.

CatLeccia said...

i love baas's works but this is not my favorite one... i think he can be really inspiring... and for those who love design i suggest you to see www.bocadolobo.com and www.delightfull.eu

enjoy, keep posting!