Designer Handwriting

Posted by tb4

Awesome thread started at the forums over at core77, a bit about the thread below, go and check it out it is pretty cool.

Designer jeans, watches, and purses can be bought, but designer handwriting surely cannot. rkuchinsky (see his own "upper case italic with almost a script like connection between letters and forms" style above in the blue ink) started a most awesome thread, Designer Handwriting, to see what the norm is nowadays. Apparently, it's not always picture-perfect, not always ALL CAPS, and certainly not a pool of carbon copies. Some of us can totally relate to ip_wirelessly (above in the black ink) who writes with his "right foot in a hole" and "gets lazy after about 30 microseconds of writing."

Feel free to upload your own scribbles and comment on others' down yonder at the Designer Handwriting discussion.