Ashley Wood

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Really nice work from artist/illustrator Ashley Wood, get over to his site and check out the rest of his work.

Ashley Wood (1971) was born in Australia, and now resides in Australia and The United States. He lives with his wife, his two sons, and one stinky cat. Ashley has been a professional illustrator for over ten years, and has worked for most major entertainment companies including Dreamworks SKG, Warner Bros., Random House, Marvel Comics, McFarlane Entertainment, IDW, and Konami. His illustration technique is a combination of traditional painting techniques, coupled with digital photography and graphic software.

ashley wood


Anonymous said...

the second photo was used for the Masters of Horror release by Anchor Bay by John Carpenter - Cigarette Burns

m said...

i think you mean the third, it would make more sense with the cigarette burns story. but anyway, that's really cool, i never knew that