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"If your girlfriend were a PC.
A Mac turns heads for the right reasons. Sculpted surfaces, gorgeous graphics - it's always perfect eye candy.
No pain. More gain with Mac.""If your pet were a PC.
You'll never have to train a Mac to give you the right kind of leg up with an OS upgrade.
No pain. More gain with Mac."
"If Formula One were a PC.
Macs never require pit stops. No rebooting, no hassles and no hiccups when connecting new peripherals.
No pain. More gain with Mac."

New PC vs MAC ads from Intermarkets, Dubai, UAE. and Creative Director Ian Rowland Gerry. I'm especially partial to the dog one, just spectacular.


aaron scott said...

You know, out of the three ads, only the top one really seems to ring true. I've used Macs and PCs around 50/50 the last two years, and while it's true that Macs are generally a lot sexier, Mac upgrades are really a pain (after happily using 10.3, I was forced to upgrade to 10.4 just so iSync would support my cell phone. On a PC, incremental upgrades for individual Microsoft programs have always been free), and PCs are easily as stable -- I'd actually argue even more stable -- than Macs. That horrible spinning beach ball haunts my dreams.

How does this relate to the ads? Well, I have a feeling Apple is going to need to change its game plan in the near future. The rise in Mac popularity is actually a bit of a curse, as more and more people are discovering that their "legendary" stability and ease of use is, well, a pretty outdated legend.

In short: Apple can only survive on PC-bashing for so long. The momentum is dying, and pretty soon Apple will need to learn to flaunt what they have going for them rather than repeatedly hitting their customers over the head with increasingly inaccurate strawmen.

Tiara said...

The girlfriend one is rather sexist. The only worth of your girlfriend is how they look? I'd rather date PC girl anyway!

tb4 said...

I don't necessarily know about how sexist it is, but I would definitely want to date a PC girl. Who wants "perfect eye candy" way to high maintenance.....right.

DaftDude said...

If your girlfriend were a mac:

She would be helplessly self absorbed, always worrying about her looks emphasising form over function. And she'd would spend all your money begging for the latest apple-thing-of-the-moment. Hoping it would satisfy her never ending craving, for fitting in with the hipster-crowd.

Anonymous said...

the comments are as funny as the top one:)
btw, i used to think guys all enjoy eye-candies. seems im wrong. maybe just we assume that, then spend too much to "maintain" ourselves as candies:)

Anonymous said...

there's nothing spectacular about these ads. the writing is forced, the illustrations are just alright. what do you love?

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. No pain. Maybe try do actually get some work done on a mac, and you'll see it hurts. Badly.

piggie1230 said...

m. first one is definitely sexist. Then again, I wouldn't date a girl just because she was pretty any more than I would have a computer just because it was pretty.

Anonymous said...

I like how "your girlfriend" is lumped right in with your pet and your formula one... Thanks, Mac! Way to alienate 51% of the market and any man with half a brain!

Mickle said...

"The girlfriend one is rather sexist. The only worth of your girlfriend is how they look? I'd rather date PC girl anyway!"

Or, as Anon is suggesting, it's sexist no matter what is says about what girlfriends should be like, because it's assuming that women don't buy computers. (Unless they are lesbian, I guess.)

Besides, considering that the idea of most mac ads are that macs are supposed to appeal to non-computer whizzes, and it's the same "conventional wisdom" that says that women don't do well with computers and prefer looks over usefulness that makes the ad maker ignore women as computer users...yeah, that first ad is just dumb beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

The first one is incredibly sexist and assumes the audience is comprised of only heterosexual men. I'm a woman, I bought this computer (a Mac as well) and am angry that this is considered clever. I am a human being, not a consumer product or eye candy.

Anonymous said...

that ad could be talking about lesbian women. why are you excluding them from your comments anonymous? i find that very sexist! actually not really. i just think it is amusing how difficult it is for some "feminists" to see the big picture of their arguments. their first impulse is to be outraged instead of thinking about things logically. i'm not saying this is all women. but i find that there is a certain class of women that do jump to conclusions certainly with any kind of feminism related issue.

if the the ad is actually directed at men it's as sexist as any other form of advertising or promotion that targets one demographic. shape magazine is sexist. men's health is sexist. ebony magazine is racist.


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for that. Feminists are stupid and illogical because this ad was obviously designed for a lesbian demographic, not a mens demographic as was everyone's first thought.

Thank you, your crystal-clear, infallible logic really made me think differently about all these feminists.

Yann said...

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