Edwin Servaas

Posted by tb4

Really nice illustration and design work from Edwin Servaas, check out the rest of his site he has a bunch of really nice pieces. A little bit about Edwin Servaas below.

Right now, my interest is the complete package of image. How all activities, tone-of-voice and visuals of a brand, product or person relate to the image they have in the big world. 3 years ago I made the decision to start International Communication Management over a Design degree because I feel that I was more able to teach myself how to design than the marketing and communication theories, I have been designing digitally since 2000, and have developed my skills by reading, talking to other professionals and have worked with other professionals in a professional environment at a Brand-Building agency.

My aim is to achieve a high level in marketing, communication and design and efficient knowledge on psychology and management. This in my eyes is the full package needed to understand, advise and help any person, brand or company to successfully position their image. And because of this I am looking to persue a masters degree in Phylosophy of Psychology after completing my Bachelors degree.