DL & Co. Death By Chocolate

Posted by tb4

For that special goth girl in your life, or anyone who likes a little bit different take on valentines day chocolate. Modern alchemist douglas little & confectioner valerie gordon, drawn together by a mutual admiration for the quality and beauty of each other’s creations, are pleased to debut the mori ex cacao collection. Based on dl&co’s memento mori collection, the exquisite skulls are rendered in bittersweet chocolate, filled with one of three delicious centers and then individually painted with colored cocoa butter to achieve the pristine, disturbing result.

These marvelous and macabre chocolate skulls are among the most extravagant confections made today. notable for the excellence and purity of their ingredients. The organic nature of the product renders them exquisite, expensive, and an experience not to be missed.

death by chocolate