Carousel Candle

Posted by tb4

Very cool design for a candle holder, all you do is put a tea light inside this specially designed container. Put the top on and the tea light provides all the power you need to turn the cover, offering some pretty nice shadow effects for your wall. Check out the some of these in motion here.

Beautifully crafted moving Carousel, Candle driven by the purest of design. Timeless pieces to slow down your world and relax. Simply light your preferred candle and watch the Carousel come to life from the warmth and heat of the candle. Smooth consistent motion of the lightweight embossed designs come to life from the back lit flame of your candle producing a mesmerizing, clockwise motion of the rotating carousel. Carousel Candle offers a series of exclusive selection of Candle Motion Driven Carousels designs which adds a perfect precious signature piece for those candle lit moments.