Amendolara Design Again

Posted by tb4

I just really like this design from Amendolara design, just a great new way to look at tooth piks. Tooth piks stab, spear, scoop and schmear. They’re made of durable, reusable and recyclable plastic. Pack includes twenty-three white teeth, and one gold. A little about the designer Jason Amendolara below.

I joined the Rhode Island-based company Easy Aces Inc in 1996 as a product and packaging designer for the Club Earth brand, a nature-themed toy and novelty line. I later became Design Director for Easy Aces, and In 2005, helped develop the Fred product line www.worldwidefred.com. I currently design products and packaging for Fred, as well as direct a talented studio of designers in creating fun and interactive home, office and lifestyle items and accessories.

My work has often been called silly and immature (mostly by my mother, but that’s another story). Some might be offended by comments like this, but I take it as a compliment. The products and toys I design are meant to put a smile on your face, creating fun interactions with the products and with others. I have been fortunate enough to have my designs featured on the Tonight Show, Good Morning America, as well as in The NY Times, Food and Wine Magazine and numerous other (very important) domestic and international publications. I hope you enjoy them too.

tooth piks