Rafael Morgan

Posted by tb4

Yes this was all taken directly from the designers page, but I was pretty sure he could explain his design a lot better than I could. Very interesting design, and as the designer explains could end up in some very curious places to start a fantastic conversation.

This plate looks like an ordinary plate, in fact it is just a regular plate...Until you put some hot food in it.
The inside of the plate is printed with undeniable, provocative, bitter and indigestible sentences about hunger statistics in the world. The sentences are printed using heat sensitive ink, so they will only be revealed when someone put some hot or warm food in it. Can you imagine what would happen if we disguise some of this plates in an expensive snob restaurant...or maybe in some important political meeting? It would be very interesting to see people´s reaction while the truth is slowly revealed underneath the food. Hopefully this plate will cause an indigestion, or at least make people think twice before asking for the dessert. This project was designed in collaboration with Ben Collette.

rafael morgan