Monster Skin Rug

Posted by tb4

The "monster skin rug" is just awesome, designed by Longoland. Made with Brushed Woven Cashmere & Wool Polymer Clay, I'm sure the clay part is just the teeth. Made out of cashmere you know this has to be comfortable at least, and a great way to freak out your friends. This would go great with the monster hoodie.

Longoland is a multidisciplinary funhouse lead by artist/designer Joshua Ben Longo. Upon graduating Pratt Institute with a BFA in industrial design his fantastical visions were created in reaction to the restrictive world of traditional product design.



Fl├╝ge Miami said...

Dude it´s really awesome. On the one hand it looks very funny:) I´m still laughing looking at it. On the other hand it looks a little ...scary...brutal...aggressive...something like that.
Anyway, great work!