Posted by tb4

Very cool design by Kursi, this would be great for an office or a home setting. Now a little about Kursi.

Kursi*, established in 2007, is based in Lancashire, Northwest England. More importantly, all of our products are designed and manufactured right here in England. Inside workshops that sit in the foothills of the Pennines, we employ traditional, time-honoured joinery and upholstery methods to produce contemporary pieces of furniture - and every single one of our products is made-to-order.

As a design-led business Kursi is passionate about hand-made craftsmanship (but technological luddites we are not: currently we are exploring fibreglass manufacturing and other emergent technologies such as 3D printing). With every intention to increase our library of products, we are engaged in a continuous process of product design and development.

In terms of design philosophy, Kursi does not confine itself to one particular aesthetic; nor does it intend to adopt a particular house style. Having said that, we do have a penchant for all things mid-C20th - as evinced by one-or-two of our current product offerings (but only in a retro-futurist kind of way).

*’Kursi’ is an Arabic-Persian word that has a connotation of ‘seat’; it is composed of two syllables: (1) ‘curr’ (as in ‘current’); and ‘sea’ (as in ‘seam’). There, that should satisfy all the philologists out there.