Havaianas Welcome Mat

Posted by tb4

I really like this concept and it is a great way to show off how durable, and stylish your products are.

Limited-edition welcome mats were produced and distributed by BBDO New York as a unique way for people to store their Havaianas. When leaving for the day, people simply slid their feet in and stepped out of the mat. When returning home, the flip-flops were popped back in. Because Havaianas are impervious to bad weather, the mat can be kept either inside or outside. Keeping the mat inside further solidifies Havaianas’ connection to nature by essentially “welcoming” people to the outdoors when they leave for the day.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, United States of America
Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Bill Bruce
Creative Director: James Clunie
Art Director: James Clunie

via IBIA


Anonymous said...

hi. where can i get those mats? thanks

tb4 said...

I'm pretty sure they are not available to the public, it was a limited edition run from an ad agency to show off a new product.