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Posted by tb4

I really think this is a great design, and an interesting way to look at the idea of a coat hanger. I think & designs new frame hanger would just get in the way though, unless you had a huge area to put it in. I just think that this would only work in certain circumstances where you had room to spare, otherwise it would just clutter up already cluttered areas.

“&design” was founded in 2005 by product and interface designers in Tokyo. We aim at a design with no border between product and other design categories. This is our design, which is not bound by "the form" of a product, not bound by "the meaning" of a graphic, not for a particular person, but anyone can understand it and use it, regardless all sex, age, and nationality.

Our products are special by all means, we are happy if they can make your everyday life slightly better.

& design