Posted by tb4

Live at radio city

So I had the opportunity to check out the new CD from Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. The CD is due out at the end of the month, but you can go and pre-order it now at Dave's site. The CD is great, obviously I'm biased because i love Dave Matthews, but whatever. There is a lot of old stuff on the CD, and in my opinion, Tim Reynolds is the best compliment to Dave there is. It also has what is quickly becoming my favorite Dave song, stay or leave, and a new one I first heard at a concert last year, sister, which is a excellent song. I really like his slower stuff better, the quicker louder stuff, these days, Dave sounds like he is yelling a bit more than singing. Seriously Tim Reynolds is just a freak on the guitar, on two step it sounds like his fingers should be falling off he is playing so quickly, and his personal music is a nice break in the middle of Dave singing. All in all a great CD, with plenty of old hits and a few new ones that will surprise you.