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TB4 vs. DODGE of MOKB, NFL Pickem

Visiting team first - favorite in blue - spread on the end

Seattle @ St. Louis 3.5
Philadelphia @ New Orleans 3
N.Y. Giants @ Atlanta 3
Houston @ Dallas 12.5
Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay 6
Carolina @ Baltimore 2.5
Buffalo @ Detroit Even
Tennessee @ Washington 9.5
Kansas City @ Pittsburgh 7
Miami @ N.Y. Jets 2.5
San Diego @ San Francisco 10
Oakland @ Denver 15.5
Chicago @ Arizona 10

So I'm taking:

  • St. Louis, St. Louis is always good at home.
  • Philadelphia, McNabb is a beast.
  • N.Y. Giants, Eli will get it together for this one.
  • Dallas, who cares if T.O shows up is it is Houston.
  • Cincinnati, it's Cincinnati they are going to win.
  • Baltimore, the Baltimore D is just to tough
  • Buffalo, the losing streak continues for Detroit.
  • Washington, maybe next yet Tennesse has a chance
  • Kansas City, Rothlis who...
  • Miami, lets hope Joey Harrington is the savior.
  • San Diego, it is San Fran need I say more.
  • Denver, it is Oakland 0-16 here they come.
  • Chicago, god they are good.

MOKB is taking

  • St. Louis
  • Philly
  • NY Giants
  • Dallas
  • Cincy
  • Baltimore
  • Detroit
  • Washington
  • KC
  • Jets
  • San Diego
  • Denver
  • Arizona

So I've thrown down the challenge to MOKB lets see if he can handle the pressure, just so you know we are playing for $0.20 per game so if one of us runs the table that is few things of the dollar menu and a drink at McDonalds oh i'm looking forward to that greasy ass hamburger now.


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