Martyr Lamp

Posted by tb4

The Martyr lamp designed by the UK design group The Play Coalition. It is definitely a lamp "that's hanging on for dear life". Fun little concept that would work well in an room that didn't much in the way of furniture. The only thing that would worry me is that light bulbs can get pretty hot, I wouldn't recommend this if you had a little kid running around.

the play coalition



Anonymous said...

Not a big deal: you may change the bulb with something like neon or led bulbs.

Unknown said...

I liked!!!


Martha said...

Jajaja!! it looks so funny!! i love it! im post the pik in one of my blog: marthag.wordpress.com check it out if you want to! i hope u don't mind!! thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I love it , but I thought the lamp was trying to pull the plug out with all it's effort!

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Anonymous said...

its actually a led light whose light bulb wont get very hot. so no worries about the heated bulb.

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