Chalkboard Panel Doors

Posted by tb4

Absolutely fantastic idea from Simpson doors, they are magnetic chalkboard doors. Write on them, stick magnets to them, let your kids have fun writing on your door. These would be especially nice for people who don't have a ton of room to work with and need to utilize every inch of their living space.

"Simpson chalkboard panel doors are prefect for families on the go, whether used in the kitchen, pantry or a kid's room. Children can post artwork from school or create original works of art directly on the door itself. And mom and dad will like it as a place to post grocery and to-do lists or simply as a place to write reminders for other members of the family.

Available in three standard designs and five standard wood species, there is an option to match most any existing home interior."


Anonymous said...

does it use the regular chalk used at school? cuz those are not so healthy for you if you accidentally swallow it. plus that picture looks like it's in the kitchen...

Unknown said...

good an simple idea...love it